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Our New Spring Shades have launched! Who says gluten-free, vegan, organic makeup can't have beautiful eye-popping shades?!

We're super excited about our new soy-free formulas for lipstick, intensive emollient, and cream foundations. We hope you love the new glossier, silkier lipstick formula, and organic, intensive cream for dry skin as much as we do.


Lip Tints

Lip Tints

A sheer delicate tint to give lips a natural-looking color. Made with an herbal infusion, the gloss gives your lips just the slightest berry stain. The lightest color is perfect for young girls. A pleasant citrus flavor comes from pure sweet orange essential oil.

Ingredients: Castor oil, organic coconut oil, sunbleached beeswax, castor wax, soybean oil, vitamin e (rice based), Organic essential oil of sweet orange, and alkanet root.

Raisin Lip Tint
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Berry Lip Tint
Product ID : wliptint90

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