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Our New Spring Shades have launched! Who says gluten-free, vegan, organic makeup can't have beautiful eye-popping shades?!

We're super excited about our new soy-free formulas for lipstick, intensive emollient, and cream foundations. We hope you love the new glossier, silkier lipstick formula, and organic, intensive cream for dry skin as much as we do.


Mini Sheer Glaze

Tiny versions of Monave's vegan lip glaze. Perfect for popping into a pocket or purse. A mini applicator wand is easy to use for smoothing glaze onto lips. Enough for forty applications  


Mini Maple Glaze #508
Product ID : miniglaze508
Mini Butterscotch Glaze #507
Product ID : miniglaze507
Mini Honey Glaze #506
Product ID : miniglaze506
Mini Mango Glaze #505
Product ID : miniglaze505
Mini Jelly Bean Glaze #504
Product ID : miniglaze504
Mini Candy Apple Glaze #503
Product ID : miniglaze503
Mini Strawberry Glaze #502
Product is out of stock
Product ID : miniglaze502
Product is out of stock
Mini Candy Glaze #501
Product ID : miniglaze501
Mini Sugar Glaze #500
Product ID : miniglaze500