Original Cream to Powder

Our original organic mineral cream to powder is a firm wax blend that serves as an excellent liner and brow color. Because it’s used with a brush, you have the control to shape your eyes and brows more so than with a pencil liner, and you never need to sharpen a pencil again! The ingredients are simple, and are designed to be long-wearing, and waterproof.

Monave’s cream to powder is handmade with natural makeup ingredients, and follows our mission to provide healthy mineral makeup that is soy-free, gluten-free, and suits many complexions.

How to use: No water is necessary, simply load up the angled liner brush by pressing firmly on the product, and use a feather touch anywhere brows need shaping or fillling. A heavier touch is best for liner, and try to keep the brush against the lash line while applying it. This will fill in the spaces between the lashes, and provide a more uniform line.
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