Winter Shades PR opportunity for bloggers, and You Tube makeup gurus: 

If you are a makeup junkie, mom blogger, gluten free, healthy living, or vegan blogger, and would like to participate in our winter shades promotion, please email us via our contact page. For full tutuorials either as photo tutorials, or video tutorials, you can receive from 50-80.00 worth of product. This is for experienced makeup artists, or makeup gurus. Self-trained is welcome, as long as you have a devoted readership that trusts your choices, and professionally presented tutorials that will help your subscribers learn how to use Monave makeup. 

Please choose from the shades below. They range from light to dark, so the idea is that you will choose the ones that best suit your taste and complexion. You must check to see if a product is in stock before requesting it. If it is not, we may offer a substitution, or just omit it entirely. 

This shade set is designed to mimic the soft pinks, greys and plums of winter wear. Comfy sweaters, cashmere scarves, and soft pinks for a feminine winter look. Many women would like to try the smokey look, but do not know how to pull it off. The more instruction the better in this area. This can be paired with nude lips as well.


Versatiles: Hemp, #52 Taupe, #89 Moondance, #55 Black

Ultra Mattes: Charcoal Satin

Pinks and Plums: 

Versatiles: Chiffon, #82 Pink Pearl, #83 Autumn, #12 Light Plum #13 Deep Plum, 

Ultra Mattes: #104 Eggplant Light, #105 Eggplant Medium, #106 Eggplant Dark

Blush: (Also for use on eyes) # 215 Star Lily, #216 Vintage Lace, #217 Mystic Rose, #207 Seashell, #219 Merlot

Lips: Your choice of pinks or plums. We have many to choose from. Some favorites: #152 Mauvelous, lipstick, #173 lipstick, #12 Light Plum, #13 Dark Plum, liquid gloss: #83 Autumn, # 154 Babe Pink, 

We have some appropriate lip liners to choose from

Illumizers: Glisten (this is very light, and only for light-medium pink or neutral toned skin)

Once you have browsed and made your choices, please email your request, including your blog or you tube channel address, as well as your subscriber stats and the focus of your campaigns.


No products were found matching your selection.