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La Mesa Organic Cotton and Wool Clothing and Textiles

If you own a retail store or boutique, please visit LaMesa.cc This website links directly to a family-owned and operated business that specializes in organic cotton clothing for both men and women, as well as luxurious alpaca and wool textiles and winter wear.

Handmade details such as coconut buttons and crocheted borders accentuate the originality and breathless beauty of the pieces you will see. Unlike traditional organic lines that are sold in the U.S, La Mesa’s cotton lines accentuate the female form, and are ideal for retail stores near the beach, or in warm climates, such as California.

Luis Medina, the owner and designer, is committed to supporting the newly resurrected organic cotton industry in Peru, which had been supressed by the Peruvian government for over 20 years. Archival cotton seeds were carefully guarded by Native tribes of Peru, and are now being put to use to create some of the softest textiles on the market. Peruvian Pima cotton is legendary for its texture due to its long silky fibers.

The animals used to produce the alpaca and wool textiles are well-tended and cared for in remote mountain villages in Peru’s breathtaking Sierra’s. They are cherished by the Natives who have lived in harmony with their environment for thousands of years.

Please request samples and pricing information by calling La Mesa at 410-342-2100, or by e-mailing Luis at LuisMedina2@msn.com since new styles come available each season.  What is featured on the website is only a small sampling of the designs that are available, and custom designs are an option.


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