Directions for scheduled appointments in our makeup studio: Our official address will not get you here! You’d have to wind through the building complex, and there are no signs to guide you.

Put this house address, which is the closest address to our business, into your navigator (please don’t knock on their door) 4500 Fait Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Cross the railroad tracks, go through the metal gate, and immediately go to the right until you see building 45. Park anywhere, and call. us: 410-534-1058. We’ll come down to meet you and escort you up.

This complex is referred to as ‘Maker’s Row’. It’s industrial in nature, and the bathroom isn’t very girlie! That’s our warning, so you’ll be prepared. Once you’re inside, you’ll fall in love with our space.

Warehouse, Store, and Office Facilities

If you are visiting from out of town, or local to Baltimore, VA, or D.C and would like to receive a personal, complementary consultation with our skilled makeup artists, please drop us a line via the contacts page, or phone, and let us know what times work for you. There is no charge for the appointment, and you will receive a full mineral makeup application tutorial, as well as assistance choosing your foundation, blush, eye and lip colors. We do not encourage drop-in visits, as the makeup artist may already be booked.
If you would like to have a natural mineral makeup application professionally done for your wedding, prom, or other special events, please let us know, and we can accommodate small parties.

If you want to simply visit to shop for your makeup, hours are Monday through Friday, 1:00-5:00. If these times do not work, please let us know. We’re flexible!

4401 Eastern Avenue Building 45 2A
Baltimore, MD, 21224

Retail Locations

Baltimore/Fells Point

Our Baltimore location at 4401 Eastern Avenue has a lovely makeup studio. Our staff makeup artist can give a full consultation including application techniques, figuring out your skin tone, and finding new ‘looks’ for both day and evening. Appointments can be made in advance by calling 410-534-1058. For wedding or event makeup, please contact Perrie from the Versace Salon in Owings Mills.

Fells Point Store - La Mesa
Fells Point Store - La Mesa

Mineral Makeup Retailers

These salons, stores, and independent vendors sell a selection of Monave products. If you would like your venue to be advertised here, please contact us.

410) 654-4401
25 Crossroads Drive
Owings Mills, MD
This is a full service hair salon featuring our signature makeup artist, Perrie Walter. She is highly versed in makeup application technique and has a wide selection of Monave shades to offer on site.
(301) 475 2323
22725 Pope Street
Leonardtown, MD.


For Monave mineral makeup customers in Russia and the Ukraine, please visit
They stock a good selection of products made by Monave, packaged there, at economical pricing, with much lower shipping than if ordered directly from the U.S.
Monave crafts mineral makeup for customers around the world. Check out this map!