Bulk Mineral Cosmetics

At Monave Mineral Cosmetics, we are dedicated to providing high quality, affordable mineral makeup for small and large vendors alike. To allow for the highest possible profit ratio for your business, we offer all of our powdered mineral makeup in bulk. The advantages to purchasing our mineral cosmetics in bulk are: extraordinarily high profit ratios of 400%-800%, the flexibility to package the makeup in a unique fashion, and the ability to more easily offer samples and specials to customers. The other clear advantage is the ability to package and wholesale the makeup with your logo to other resellers. For your convenience, our online bulk store also carries packaging, labels and links to resources such as displays, cosmetics boxes, and private label services.

Monave mineral makeup is free of gluten, carmine, talc, and FD&C dye. We do not use raw materials that have a history of animal testing. Please be aware that due to the fact that our pigments are not synthetic, slight variations can occur. Bulk mineral makeup and pigments are packaged in industrial strength bags. This keeps shipping costs to a minimum as well as allows us to continue to offer our competitive pricing.

For information and referrals to packaging supply houses, and labelling services, please visit our resources page.

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