Consult with a Formulator

Have you ever wanted to work with an experienced handcrafter/business owner and have her all to yourself for an hour or an afternoon? Well, you can. Did you think it wasn’t affordable? Well, it is.

Monave founder Deborah Bilezikian has 15 years of nitty gritty formulating, crafting, testing, and success under her belt and she welcomes the opportunity to work with start-ups as well as experienced crafters. A big part of Monave’s mission is to help other female entrepreneurs become successful at creating their own unique brand, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and network with this award winning, down-to-earth business owner.

Come in person to our down town Baltimore City location for crafting and business support, and see how the business operates, or set up a phone or Skype appointment if that is not an option.

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