DIY Cruelty Free Makeup

Monave DIY natural makeup supplies and kits help get you started with cruelty-free matte, and mica pigments, containers, organic lipstick and lipgloss bases, and tools. Women from ancient history made their own cosmetics using ingredients from the Earth. Now you can learn how DIY natural makeup is done! Invite some friends over, and have a DIY natural makeup party in your home.

For ethnic skin tones, finding a match can be difficult, but making your own DIY vegan makeup means you can create the perfect shade for your skin tone. The DIY foundation kits have formulas for a variety of skin tones, with all the pigments and jars included. These formulas were created for real women, not out of a chemistry book! Rest assured, that as you learn how to makeup your own natural DIY foundation, not only will your skin thank you, but you’ll love seeing your natural beauty shine in the mirror!

Monave’s cruelty-free DIY natural makeup supplies are different than other companies’. Monave sticks to a strict set of guidelines. You will not see micas or pigments coated with dyes, carmine, bismuth oxychloride, or talc, so your finished products will be healthy for your skin. Monave DIY natural makeup supplies are child labor-free!

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