Child-Labor Free Cosmetic Mica

These beautiful mineral powders are child-labor free cosmetic micas that consist of finely milled mica that has been coated with titanium dioxide, and either iron oxides or ferric ferrocyanide.  All of the products can be used on eyes, face and lips with the exception of dark blue, mexican blue and dark purple, which are not recommended for use around the lips.

Our child-labor free cosmetic mica pigments are not coated with dyes, carmine, or any other synthetic substances. We use these to create hundreds of shadows, blushes, and lip colors, and you can too!

As of 2021, our mica distributors are required to be members of the Responible Mica Inititative, which is an organization making strides in improving the infrastructure and relationships between indigenous Indian mica suppliers, and buyers within the cosmetics industry. To this end, our prices have risen to accomodate the higher price points for the Indian suppliers, so that they may in turn, provide a more stable life for their families. We appreciate your caring consideration of how pricing can impact those at the very bottom of the supply chain, as you form relationships with your suppliers.

While the colors are beautiful, they need to be blended to create “cosmetic shades,” so we encourage you to start with our Color Cosmetics Kit to learn more about cosmetic-making with mica pigments.

The pigments vary in particle size. The larger the particle size, the more sparkly they are. They are also milled in a variety of ways to create either a semi, matte, shimmer, or sparkle effect.

Sparkly pigments; Copper Glitter, Bordeaux Glitter, White Diamond, Rose Gold Sparkle, Interference Sparkle,

Shimmer Pigments: Rose Tan,  Blackstars, Smokey Bronze

Semi-matte, pearlescent pigments: (Fine Micas and Interference Micas)

If you are looking for pigments that do not contain titanium dioxide, these do not:

Semi Fine Rose Gold, Fine Saffron, Fine Rose Tan, Fine Warm Red, Semi-Fine Scarlet, Fine Copper.

These pigments are coated with ferric ferrocyanide, and have varying regulations by country for usage. In the US, ferric ferrocyanide is not permitted for use on lips.

Deep Blue, Light Blue, Deep Purple, Mexican Blue

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