Private Label Organic Lip Products

Private label organic lip products by Monave are made with organic plant-based ingredients, are 100% gluten-free, and free of dyes and carmine.

There are three private label vegan options; Lip Glaze, Vegan Lipstick, and Matte Lip Stix,

  • Monave lipsticks are totally fragrance free, with a light natural aroma from rich plant based butters.
    They’re 100% gluten-free with petro chemicals, have a rich saturated pigment, and plenty of protection for moist, supple lips.
  • Monave vegan lip glazes are our sheerest lip product with a delightful rasberry flavor and very transparent texture, for a light, natural look.
  • Our wholesale vegan lip products offerings also include a fantastic matte lip treatment: Matte Lip Stix.
    These are 100% vegan, come in a convenient crayon packaging, and have amazing staying power, just enough moisturization so lips won’t dry out,
    and incredible color saturation.

In addition, our private label organic lip products feature richly pigmented liquid glosses, made with sustianably sourced beeswax. These gluten-free glosses come with the convenience of an applicator tube, a light citrus flavor,  and rich color variations for women who want lips that pop, invite, and flirt.

Our products can arrive to you with or without labels, for you to apply your own branding. The glosses, vegan glazes and lipsticks are available in both platinum, and black packaging. Did we mention that our private label organic lip products are also affordable? Take advantage of our online sampling program to try before you buy!

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