Product Photos

Building a website or catalog is alot of work, and we’re here to help. Professionally photographed spills and smears of our products are available for a fraction of the cost that a photographer would charge. They are available in large jpg, and can easily be sized down for the web. Simply click on the product photo of your choice, and it will be made available for download onto your hard drive. Purchase product photos either individually for $3.50 each, or as a complete set for $500.00. Some photographs are not currently available, and we are working on having all product photos online by 2008.

These photographs are copyrighted material and owned by Monave Mineral Cosmetics, and Mark Moyer Photography. It is illegal to resell or distribute them. We are selling them to you to make it easier for you to develop your business. We are selling them directly to you, and only you, not to your friends or wholesale customers.

For folks unfamiliar with copyright issues, it would be akin to having a magazine, and including articles from another publication in your magazine without paying the author of the articles. Another example would be burning CD’s, putting them in jewel cases and selling them. We take copyright and other property rights violations very seriously, and violators will be prosecuted.

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