DIY Brow Kit

Our new DIY Brow Kit allows you and your customers to create a customizable brow shade to match any hair color or makeup look you are going for! 

Transform the brows with the two rich brow shades that come in this palette by blending both colors together for a unique and custom brow, or wear them separately on their own. From Blonde to the deepest of brown brows, this kit has your customers covered! Use an angled liner brush or sponge tipped applicator to apply these colors effortlessly to the brows for smooth gradations of color from light to dark. 


DIY Brow Kit Ingredients: Jojoba oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, cornstarch, castor oil, rice-based vitamin E, Serecite, iron oxides, titanium dioxide; may contain kaolin clay, ultramarine blue, silica, zinc oxide.

Volume:6 ml (3 ml per well)

Weight: 6 grams (3 grams per well)

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DIY Brow Kit

DIY Brow Kit

Transform your brows or your customers into any light to dark shade using our new DIY Brow Kit! Tierra Light (the lighter shade) is perfect for blonde and strawberry blonde brows, while the Tierra Dark (darker ...