Cosmetics & Skin Care

Monave will be closing its manufacturing operations and product sales starting October 11th. Please click here for more info!

Monave organic cosmetics & skincare products are 100% gluten free. They are handcrafted with love, and without toxic by-products. Monave organic cosmetics, skincare, and makeup are pigmented without dyes, or carmine. Monave organic skincare is gently preserved without paraben preservatives. Monave cosmetics are grain free, and cruelty-free. The majority of products are vegan, and made without toxic petrochemical ingredients. Monave products consider the benefits of minerals while keeping in mind the sensitivities with which many immune-compromised women struggle.

Monave’s award winning natural cosmetics have shades for black women, Latin women, Mediterranean, and Asian skin tones. Monave has natural mineral makeup products for mature skin types, as well as acneic, and oily skin types. We embrace all walks of life, and offer an inclusive approach to rebel against the oppressive ideologies that manifest in many cosmetics lines not having shades to represent the beautiful multi-cultural palette represented in the US and abroad.

Each of our mineral makeup foundations, organic lip glosses, vegan lipsticks and lip cremes, natural vegan mineral blushes, bronzers, and shimmer eye shadows have been specially developed with certified organic, natural ingredients for maximum coverage and amazing performance.

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