DIY Natural Makeup Classes

When I first started crafting mineral makeup, there were no online books, instructional classes, or literature on the subject. It was a challenge to create formulas, but by trial and error, and with extensive testing, I was able to create a product line with mineral pigments that I carefully selected for their purity.

The kits that you see in the Making Cosmetics section are the result of putting my experiences on paper, in order to make the road easier for other hobbyists and vendors eager to add handcrafted makeup to their arsenal of natural products. While these are a great start, there are obvious advantages to learning crafting techniques in a class setting with hands-on demos. As well, the nuts and bolts of selling products can be daunting. I was lucky to have a mentor to show me the ropes in a retail setting, so I know how helpful it is to have someone already navigating the field share their knowledge.

To this end, I organized the first annual Makeup and Toiletries Crafting Seminar in August of ’05. We continue to offer high-quality, hands-on seminars focusing on many areas of the Mineral Makeup biz, including: mineral makeup crafting, (foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, liners, lipsticks and more), organic skincare crafting, sales techiniques, makeup artistry, mineral makeup for women of color, legal issues, labelling, and more. Classes are designed  will help someone who is in the early stages of developing a mineral makeup business, as well as owners of established businesses, whether on the internet, or in a salon or home party venue.

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Deborah Bilezikian, President, Monave

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