Today is October 11th, and after 22 years in business, my staff and I will begin the process of closing down Monave’s manufacturing operations. There are many reasons including the obvious ones, like the up and down economy,  and a pending recession, but more importantly, is that life is a series of events strung together by transitions, and we are now preparing to pass the torch onto you. With your passion and energy, you will continue to transform the world, and hold steady with the mission of creating a sustainably produced and sourced beauty supply that holds the health of our bodies, our animal-friends, and our planet in the limelight

We have a deep commitment to the health and well being of our clients, as well as their continued success. In light of this, the closing of our manufacturing will be managed in phases:

The first phase, starting today, will be to accommodate our retail customers, who may be ordering their favorite products in larger quantities than usual.

Then starting on Nov 11th, we will begin to manufacture bulk for our wholesale clients who also may wish to stock up in order to carry their line as they transition to new fulfillment options. We will continue to produce bulk products until they have been fulfilled, however, we will be closing down the ordering process by Dec 11th. We trust that this provides time for our bulk customers to gather the resources needed to place final orders.

Once bulk orders are fulfilled, we will begin selling remaining pigments, and infrastructure, such as empty packaging, furniture etc.

If you have regular holiday/store quantities to order, please let us know, so we can fulfill those separately from any pre-emptive bulk orders.

The business structure, including trademark, domain, website, complete formulary and controls, is available as a package deal. Please message us if interested. Serious inquires only! 

If we do not sell the business to a company willing to produce in bulk, then we wll be putting our formulas online for our existing wholesale clientele at some point in 2023. This will enable our clientele to take the formulas to a new company for fulfillment and avoid the tedious task of regenerating products from scratch. It will also enable our crafty folks to produce from home. Consulting will be available. For our packaged wholesale customers, we empathize strongly with the challenges you will face in procuring products to match what you’ve been purchasing from us. We will be looking for recommendations for companies who products healthy, gluten-free, vegan beauty products at competetive prices.

Customers with custom products will also have the opportunity to purchase their formulas during 2023.

All formula sales will include a non-compete contract to prevent other companies from selling our formulas for profit after purchasing them.

All of us here at Monave appreciate and care about you and your business, and the positive impact you have on the world. You’ve made this work, and we wouldn’t be here without you! I’m ever grateful for having had the opportunity to grow and serve your businesses and help fulfill your dreams, as you have mine. <3

For the crafters out there, Monave offers videos, classes and  kits that include the materials and instructions you will need to get started. You can get a head start on figuring out if crafting your own mineral products is a good fit.

Please feel free to text (410)-670-1814, and a customer care specialist will set up a time to answer your questions!





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