After twenty two glorious years representing an Earth-centered approach to beauty, Monave is closing its manufacturing and sales division. We love and appreciate each and every one of our loyal customers. We’ve grown as a company, becuase of you! We’ve weathered many storms, shared our stories, and enjoyed healthy beauty together.

As the owner of a small company, I can definitely say that I’ve loved every step of this journey. But at this stage in my life, I need to take a step away from my store, and move into the next phase of my existence on this planet, so Monave is closing its manufacturing facility. I will miss you all so much! As we near the end of the final closing phase, I’ll put some resources online for you, for companies which sell healthy cosmetics and skincare, so you’ll have a new place to call home.

We encourage you to place any bulk orders between now and November 11th. We can make excess amounts of anything except for skincare, liners, and brushes.

We will begin inventory control on November 11th, meaning, when it’s gone, it’s gone. We’ll then continue to sell at a discount any products that are left until our official closing at the end of the year, or early next year.

We’re exceedingly grateful for everything Monave has brought to the community, and for everything the community has brought to us.

In peace,