Natural Mica Blush & Eyehadow DIY Kits

Natural mica eyeshadow and blush DIY kits are complete packages that you can use to start your journey on crafting your own beautiful, natural cosmetics. Mica pigments are some of the most stunning colorants in the natural makeup industry. Learning how to formulate with natural mica powderes will enable you to expand your collection to include a greater variety of shades. These natural mica powder blush and eyeshadow DIY kits are fun and rewarding, and make fabulous gifts for teenagers and crafters.

Each natural mica DIY kit will teach you how to blend mica shimmer and pearlescent pigments together to create a cosmetic palette that includes pastels, earth tones, smoky liners, and more. The natural mica blush and eyeshadow DIY kits come with pigments, formulas (designed by Monave founder, and copied by many other companies), organic, gluten-free lip gloss base, tools for blending, packaging, and labelling. The formulas are not sold separately!

The finished mineral makeup product is a natural, vegan, and gluten-free versatile mineral makeup powder that can be used as an eyeshadow, a liquid liner, a blush, and a colorant for lipgloss, nail polish, and body-care products. The formulas are presented in quantity ratios, and emcopmass a full palette for a range of complexions from light to dark, pink to yellow to brown! You won’t need a fancy scale to use them, but we do suggest that you purchase separately a hand-held battery-perated mini-grinder, which can be found on Amazon. Monave DIY natural mica powders are not coated with carmine, or artificial dyes. The manual is thorough and guides you through a step-by-step process of formulating your own beautiful natural, vegan mineral makeup!

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