Formulation & Beauty Business Consultation

Natural makeup formulations can net a 7 figure income. Natural wellness is a rapidly developing industry with endless promise, both in terms of the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re making a positive impact on the world, as well as the satisfaction of providing for your personal and local economy as a natural entrepreneur.

Monave founder Deborah Bilezikian has 15 years of nitty gritty formulating, crafting, testing, and success under her belt and she welcomes the opportunity to work with start-ups as well as established natural wellness business which want to add on a natural beauty component.

A huge part of Monave’s mission is to support female entrepreneurs in becoming successful at creating their own unique mark on the world with eco-friendly, animal-friendly, healthy products.

You can book by the hour, for a quick online consultation to assist you with:

crafting/production process, formula tweaks

natural products formulations

handcrafting lab setup


international export procedures and guidelines

international regulations

business set up nuts and bolts

running a shipping operation

the pros and cons of various web plastforms

setting up banking and merchant accounts

how to access funding grants

managing the work-life boundaries of entrepreneurship

marketing strategies

social media management

when and what to delegate

and more!

If you are interested in creating a line from scratch, we can provide the necessary foundation for you build out your natural products formulations,  assist with your lab setup/equipment purchases, regulatory documentation, supplier sourcing, as well as monitor your shade matching and offer support for your production. For on-site visits, please book by the day, in 8-hour increments.

For some foundations in crafting your natural makeup formulations, please visit our online class roster here: 

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