Returns: Monave does not offer returns unless a product is damaged or expired. Our store offers samples of every single product so that you can try them before purchasing full sizes. If you purchase a product, and then change your mind, Monave will not offer a refund or exchange, so please make sure you want your product before you buy it from us. Monave promises in good faith that items will be manufactured to our best standards. If you receive a product that does not appear to be in good condition, contact our facility by email or phone, and make us aware of the problem. Please be prepared to offer either a detailed description and photos. Once we have approved a return, it will be offered in exchange for an equal replacement. We will cover the cost of the return shipping with a refund, or with free product of equal value; your choice. We do not offer refunds on damaged merchandise.

Cancellations: If you place an order and change your mind, and request a refund within 24 hours of placing your order, there may be a restocking fee which can include the original handling amount plus up to $10.00 in restocking fees, depending upon the size of the order. This covers the cost of restocking your order, labor to process your order, and merchant account fees. please be sure you are agreeing to purchase the product prior to clicking ‘agree’.

Shipping & Processing Times

Shipping time depends upon the nature of the order and the availability of the products you have purchased. Most of of our products are stocked in quantities of 6-10 pieces. Some products, especially ‘wet’ products, such as cream foundations and Cream to Powders, as well as making cosmetics kits, are made to order. Monave is not a large business that stocks and markets products made by other companies. We are an old-fashioned, family-style company that respects the personal lives of its staffers, many of whom are parents, or students, so we appreciate your co-operation in ordering when you are low, as opposed to out.

 So to ensure you receive your products within the timelines that work for you, we encourage you to order before your cosmetics are extremely low. On average, retail orders take between a week to three weeks to be processed and then they are sent out in bulk twice a week. Wholesale orders may take longer. If you would like to inquire about your order, please do so with an order number for reference. If you are getting low on your cosmetics, and would like to have your order expedited, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
What if you need your products sent quickly?

If you are, in fact, desperate for your products, please let us know, and we can expedite your order. We understand that natural makeup and skincare may be the only stuff out there that doesn’t break you out, or that is gluten-free, or the right color for your skintone, and that you don’t want to head to the drugstore or Sephora to replenish your stock, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are in a bind. When you inquire about the status of your order, please do so courteously and make sure to have your order number ready.

Expedited/express shipping: If you place an express or priority order, this does not mean that you will receive your order within the ship time indicated on the shipping screen. Ex: priority mail will indicate 2-3 days. This only refers to how long it takes to receive the shipment once it has been full processed, completed, and shipped from our facility. If you place an express order, you must contact us immediately after placing it if you expect it within a few days. Otherwise, it will fall in line with other orders, and be shipped out using our normal processing times. Only the shipping time itself would be expedited.

Missing shipments: Monave is not responsible for replacing missing or damaged shipments due to post office error. We will start an investigation and make our best effort to retrieve your package. Please be aware, when you choose first class mail, you are assuming the risk because there is no insurance. When you choose priority mail, there is an option for insurance. If you waive priority mail with insurance, and your package is lost by the post office, there is no responsibility on our part to replace your shipment.

Monave does not accept returns

Monave does not offer returns or refunds. If, however, you have made a mistake and ordered the wrong shade, please contact us, and if the product is unopened and untouched we can exchange it for the correct shade. You will be responsible for the extra shipping. We do not accept returns or exchanges on skincare, haircare, mousse, cream or liquid foundations, liquid gloss or glaze.

Why you should purchase samples first

We encourage our customers to sample products first, before purchasing full sized items, as we do not accept returns unless an item is damaged, expired, or incorrectly made. In the case of a damaged item, we offer exchanges only, not refunds.

We do not accept returns on samples or minis. The point of our samples is to try the product. If you do not find it appealing, simply do not order the full-sized counterpart. If you have a question about a sample, please contact our customer service department and we’ll be happy to give you any assistance necessary to find products that suit you.

How to Return Damaged or Incorrect Merchandise

If you have a concern, such as a hard lipstick or pencil, a mislabeled product, or a faulty brush, please contact us via our contact page or via phone within 7 days from receipt of your shipment. Have your order number ready. Do not ship products back to us without contacting customer service first. We will replace the product as well as the shipping cost incurred to you.

International Orders

International orders have the option of global express, which includes tracking, but may be costly for small orders. Please be advised that standard global mail (referred to as “priority”, can take up to two weeks to arrive to its destination. We can often lower the costs of your shipment, and when able to, will refund the card used to place your order for the difference. We will not send anything internationally using first-class mail.

If you use International Flat-Rate Priority Mail

Please note: Shipping via international priority mail flat-rate does not have the same protections as priority mail international. In fact, USPS sees it in their system as standard mail, even though you’ve paid for priority. Please be advised, we can NOT guarantee that you will receive packages using this method, so buyer beware! If you choose this option which has no tracking beyond U.S shores, we cannot guarantee replacement of your order, should it go missing. This is handled on a case by case basis.

How we calculate shipping costs:

When you are placing your order, the Monave website connects to the USPS or UPS website, where the shipping is calculated based on weight, and shipping destination by the shipping servers. If you would like an indication of your shipping costs, place a mock order, and choose your shipping method. You can then view your total order cost including shipping charges before paying for the order.

How we calculate handling:

Handling on orders starts at $3.00 per package. It goes up as the size of the order increases. Handling is calculate based on the cost of labor required to invoice, pack, and ship your order. This is to pay the staffers who print, pack, and ship your orders. We take great care in double-checking our products for quality at this juncture, so we appreciate your willingness to contribute to your great products with this fee.

What if one of your products ordered is not in stock?

Because our products are handmade, occasionally they will be on back order when your order is filled. If you receive your order and an item is missing, the letters B/O will be written next to the item on the invoice; this indicates the item is on back order. Back Ordered products ship as soon as we receive them, with no extra shipping charges to you. You can also request an alternate shade or product to replace the missing item, or request a free sample size to tide you over.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not shop with us. We are very firm about these policies. We understand that other stores may ship more quickly, offer returns with no questions asked etc.

We are often misconstrued as a larger company, but we are fairly small, and run family-style.

That means that we offer personalized service from our makeup artist to ensure that you get the assistance that you need choosing your products.

That means we offer inexpensive samples of everything on our site (hundreds and hundreds of products), with the exception of eyeliners, so that you don’t have to break the bank trying our products. Once you are an established customer, sampling is free of charge.

We offer hand made products of the utmost purity that are crafted with ethically sourced ingredients in an eco-facility that treats its employees as human beings, not robots.

If any of this resonates with you, we look forward to doing business with you!

Additional costs: Monave reserves the option to bill for additional shipping or insurance costs not calculated by the shipping modules which sync with our store at the time of your order. If your package does not show the correct weight at the time of shipment, we will contact you with the difference, and request consent to bill to an approved payment method. Monave does not make any profit off of shipping costs, they are simply billed by the shipping companies, including USPS, UPS, and Fedex.