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About the Cashmere Collection

2020 brought many changes for people around the globe, and along with it many challenges. How to connect with others for work, social interaction, or family time has been one of the biggest ones. Thanks to the world-wide internet, many of us have not only been able to stay connected and continue working, but we’ve even had some silver lining benefits, such as remote work, and meeting/collaborating with people from other parts of the world.

Zoom has become a household name. You may have found yourself investing in remote communications and technology services, such as upgraded internet, a better phone or laptop, or a ring light. Having a home studio has been extra challenging with many families also juggling coordinating schooling from home, dealing with pets, or managing shared work space with a partner. We’ve all been faced with the epic question of whether to worry about what pants we’re wearing, and whether anyone can see the messy space behind us (Thank you green screens!) In the end, the most important aspect of all of this is staying connected, as well as being able to continue to pursue our dreams and goals.

At Monave, we’ve seen shifts in consumer use of cosmetics. As you can imagine, there’s been a dip in sales of products like lipsticks, glosses, and highlighters, due to people wearing masks in public. The focus has been on eyes, you know that old adage, “The eyes have it!” But for the typical makeup wearer, the question of how to wear makeup under bright lighting, is not at the forefront of their makeup routine. This question was reserved primarily for models, actors, and broadcast journalists. We’ve learned over the years what works and doesn’t work when it comes to mineral makeup and professional lighting (such as ring lights). Now that many of us have settled into a routine of remote work, we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing a new line of foundations and blushes, built precisely for on-camera work, to our retail store.


Our formula:

This line, an organic, mineral-based, vegan line of makeup called the Cashmere Collection, is free of titanium dioxide.
“Why,?’ you might ask.

Titanium dioxide has a very high refractive index, like diamonds. What does that mean? It means that when you’re underbright lights, or if someone takes a photo of you with a flash, your face will light up like the full moon on a clear night. This can cause you to look washed out and paler than your actual skin tone, not a look most people are interested in! So, instead of titanium dioxide, the formula for the Cashmere Collection uses zinc oxide.

Another special aspect of these mineral foundations and blushes, is that there is low percentage of silica in them. Silica has a bad rap, as unregulated silica mining can lead to health issues. However, that is not an issue for a user, and our cosmetic-grade silica is responsibly mined in the US. Silica absorbs moisture and reduces shine, so that your face will maintain a more matte finish. The final treatment of our silica also deflects light, instead of reflecting/refracting it, so it reduces the appearance of blemishes and inconsistencies in the skin’s surface. Silica is the number one go-to mineral ingredient in the cosmetics industry for use by makeup artists when working with lights and cameras. It provides exactly the finish you need to see your face instead of a flash when you’re in front of lights!

For those of your suffering from skin imbalances, the zinc oxide base offers the known anti-inflammatory benefits of zinc oxide to calm down inflammations, and help heal blemishes. As always, the formula is free of allergens such as dyes, waxes, oils, fragrances and petroleum by-products.


Suggested Use: 

The Cashmere Collection has a lighter texture than our traditional Loose Mineral Foundation, and Loose Mineral Concealer Foundation lines. If you prefer heavy coverage, then we suggest using the Cashmere Loose Foundation as a setting powder, overtop of your traditional powder, liquid foundation and concealer. The silica in the Cashmere Foundations will act as a buffer between the titanium dioxide in your products, and the flash, and will work to reduce shine and keep your face looking fresh.

If you don’t need a lot of coverage, and wish to try this foundation line on its own, we suggest you apply a concealer before hand on problem spots, as this foundation does not layer, or provide heavy coverage. Some suggested concealers to try, depending upon your skin type or how heavy you want it are.

Cream concealer or Vegan Mousse: perfect for under the eye area, or for dryer skin types

Pressed Cream to Powder Concealer: for heavier coverage with some added benefits to keep skin supple

Crayon Concealer: for medium-heavy coverage with a convenient on-the-go stick format

As always, Monave offers inexpensive samples of all of these products for you to try before you buy!

These colors are very forgiving and work for a wide range of complexions. If you are not sure of your undertone, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you get started on some samples!



The Cashmere Blush Collection

The Cashmere Blush Collection is a unique set of light, matte-finish blushes. Each shade was chosen to reflect a color palette  from warm, to cool, to neutral. These powders are very easy to apply and build well for more intense color. The palette includes shade for women from deep to light complexions and everything in between. These blushes are perfect with traditional mineral foundations, layered on top of  the new Cashmere Collection, or even on bare skin. They are free of dyes, carmine, lakes, or other synthetic colorants.

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