Foundation Adjusting & Blending Tutorial using Mineral Foundation
It often feels like the road to finding the right foundation match is long and tumultuous. Perhaps the change in seasons causes your pigmentation to shift and leaves you scrambling to find a new match. Worse, maybe you have been let down by the narrow range of colors offered by the brands out there. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to customize your own natural foundation, specifically to match your unique tone? Monave specializes in easily blendable, cruelty-free foundation powders for every complexion. With the ability to mix and match our mineral powders, you are guaranteed to craft the perfect organic foundation for your beautiful skin.

Not all skin tones can be simply bottled up. Natural makeup for people of color is unfortunately overlooked by many makeup brands. For something as important as foundation, variation is essential. Whether you are a Black woman, Latinx woman, Middle Eastern woman, a woman of Asian descent, or anyone in between looking for makeup, you will find it in Monave’s cruelty-free makeup.
As Mother Nature prepares for her yearly slumber, you may have found your current foundation has become too dark or too orange. Changes in pigmentation based on our exposure to the sun affects every race and ethnicity. Finding makeup can be especially challenging during this time, as many brands are not cognizant of changes in complexions between seasons. Monave’s natural mineral foundations offer personalization necessary for every nuanced skin undertone, all while bringing you quality and ethical vegan foundations.

Our resident makeup artist, Katherine Thomson, recorded a simple video to guide you through the easy process of mixing and matching to create your perfect shade. Whether you have pink, golden, olive, copper, brown, or blue skin tones you will be able to create your perfect match with our vegan foundations. We also have adjusters and neutralizers for you to further adapt makeup to various skin tones in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you can mix a bit of blush in to accommodate pink or red undertones.
Inclusivity is an essential part of Monave Cosmetic’s values, and that is why we have created a foundation line that accommodates a full spectrum of skin tones. This makeup tutorial will show you how simple it is to create your own personalized foundation color. Refer to these easy blending charts in the video above to help you get started.


If you have never tried our makeup, follow this link to see our inexpensive samplers. We are always here to offer guidance and suggestions, because we want you to find the right foundation to take you into this next season, bringing out the confident and beautiful autumnal goddess within you!

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