Loose Mineral Foundation

Monave powdered mineral makeup all-in-one primer and foundation uses a very simple formula that offers amazing coverage, a sheer, natural look, and incredible staying powder. Clean, non-allergenic ingredients help soothe inflamed rosacea, or acne-prone skin while protecting the skin from the elements and are safe for your skin. The loose mineral foundation consists of few organic, cruelty-free, vegan and, gluten-free ingredients, creating makeup suitable for most lifestyles and personal needs. We aim at creating shades for a wide variety of complexions to cater to the needs of all ethnicities and people of color.

Monave loose mineral makeup foundation is extremely versatile, and can be applied dry with a flat-top foundation brush or mixed with a facial moisturizer for sensitive or dry skin. Our all-in-one mineral foundation is an excellent lid and makeup primer with complete coverage, full spectrum sunscreen, and oil control properties. No separate concealer or powder is needed in most cases.
Read some Real Women’s Reviews:
Don’t you hate it when you find a mineral foundation so flawless and beautiful on your skin, only for it to slide off your face a few hours later?  Monave for me is still the king of all mineral makeup when it comes to staying power. It stays on a whopping 12 to 14 hours on me without retouching with anything but blotting sheets, and without using any moisture spray to set the minerals. I love…..
I”ve tried quite a few mineral foundations from brands including Bare Escentuals, Lumière, Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals, Tarte, Bella Pierre,  and although they are great products-none really seem to come close to Monave’s. I’ve noticed that at first most “real” mineral foundations look gorgeous. They make your face look perfect and radiant,and you fall in love with what you see, but then a couple hours later they look like a streaky mess. And that’s if they haven’t completely disappeared. Monave doesn’t fall into this MMU category.

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Learn how to mix Monave Loose Mineral Foundation into your face cream to create custom cream foundations.

: Titanium dioxide, iron oxides, mica, ultramarine blue. May Contain: zinc oxide, silica.

Price: $22.00
Volume: 30 grams
Weight: 10 grams
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