Custom Blending Vegan Makeup: How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Line!

Custom Blending Vegan Makeup: How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Line!

Learn how to expand your existing mineral makeup line by adding pops of color and shimmer to your shades with this fun custom blending makeup tutorial! In this tutorial we will teach you the basics of how to custom blend vegan eye shadows, blush, and other colored cosmetic products using a ready to wear cosmetic color, and mixing it with special effects mineral pigments to create a wide range of new, unique shades for your private label makeup line!

This is a simple process that requires no prior knowledge of color formulating to get started! Because the main base color you will be using in this tutorial is pre-blended and ready to wear as is (your eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or other makeup powder), it will be easy to incorporate a range of mica-based pigments by hand blending with your spatula. Create rainbow shimmer effects that catch the light, lighten any color with gorgeous semi-matte pastel tones, and turn the color you started with into something completely new!

Materials Needed for Getting Started:


How to Make Colors POP using Fine Interference Pigments:

You can custom blend any color that you have in your current line by adding Monave Fine Interference pigments to them. These vegan pigments create a rainbow of  soft semi-matte tones. Try blending small to large amounts of them into any existing makeup color that you have in your line for a lightening, brightening effect. These Fine Interference pigments may look white in the bag, but when you spread them on the skin they catch the light to reveal a pearly color pop of pink, fuchsia, green, blue, and gold. These all natural special effects pigments can be used to lighten a color that you are altering, or to subtly impact the color hue, depending upon how much is used in your mixture.

Start by using the ratios below to incorporate these Fine Interference pigments into your base color of eye shadow or blush.

Fine Interference Pigments Broken Down:

  • Fine Interference Gold/White – this pigment adds a pearlescent semi matte gold color effect to shades. Perfect for adding to golden or yellow based highlighters to make them pop, while drawing more light to certain areas of the face.
  • Fine Interference Red/White – this pigment adds a brightening pinkish-red tone to mineral makeup colors. Add to dull eye shadows or blushes that you want to add a warmer pearly hue to. This pigment will significantly lighten your color if added in large quantities and is great for making light bright pinks.
  • Fine Interference Violet/White – add this pigment to your blend to create cool pink tones of fuchsia. Perfect for adding to purples, pinks, and A hot of other colors to create a color pop in the light!
  • Fine Interference Blue/White – this pigment can be added to any color to create a cooling effect. It has blue-ish lavender hues and gives colors a two toned effect.
  • Fine Interference Green/White – light minty green, this pigment is beautiful all on its own on the lids. Or, try adding it to any color to create a green color pop.

Custom Blending Ratio Examples: 

Combine the following quatities in your mixing cup. You can hand mix these powders with your spatula if you don’t have a mini grinder, or use a small grinder to blend them together for about 15 – 20 seconds. If you want to invest in a mini grinder for custom blending small batches, we recommend something similar to this.

  • 3 scoops Blush or Eye Shadow : 1 scoop Fine Interference Pigment (this ratio lightens your color significantly)
  • 5 scoops Blush or Eye Shadow : 1 scoop Fine Interference Pigment (this ratio with brighten your color, without lightening it too much)

Please note that these are starting ratios, you can adjust them as you see fit for the color you are creating. Try adding multiple Fine Interference Pigments to your blend to create even more color change!

Adding Shimmer with Eco Mineral Glitter Pigments: 

Similar in color tones to the Fine Interference pigments displayed above, Monave Sparkle Interference pigments are a much larger particle size and have a glittery effect on the skin instead of semi-matte. 100% mineral based, these eco glitters are ocean friendly and safe for the planet. Add any of these Monave vegan mineral glitters listed below to the cosmetic powder of your choice to add a delicate glitter effect.

Sparkle Interference Pigments applied with wet brush.

Glitter Pigments Broken Down:

  • Glitter Bordeaux  – This all natural mineral glitter pigment has a cool pinkish-red tone and is beautiful when added to eye colors, blush and lip colors to intensify pink, purples, and berry colors.
  • Glitter Copper – Similar to Glitter Bordeaux, this cruelty free glitter pigment looks like pure copper in a loose makeup form. Use this glitter pigment to add flecks of copper to your makeup colors. Beautiful when added to gold shades, highlighters, body shimmers, and other products that need a little shimmer.
  • Sparkle Interference Blue/White – when applied to the skin, it shines with a blue/lavender shimmer finish. Add this pigment to colors to create a shimmery cooling effect.
  • Sparkle Interference Green/White – light cool green and shimmery, this pigment is wonderful when added to teal shadows, blues, and other colors that you want to add
    a pop of green shimmer to.
  • Sparkle Interference Red/White – this eco-glitter pigment has pink color tones, and can be added to any shadow, blush, or lip color to add a pop of pinkish red sparkle.
  • Sparkle Interference Violet/White – try adding this cool fuchsia mineral glitter to any color to add a pop of shimmer. Great for adding to purples, plums, pinks, and so many other tones!
  • Sparkle Interference Gold/White – a beautiful  light gold sparkle powder that can be added to any color. It brings a slight golden warmth to cool shades, and is beautiful when added to highlighters, shadows, or blushes for a multi-dimensional color.

Custom Blending Ratio Examples: 

  • 6 scoops Blush, Eye Shadow, or other cosmetic powder : 1 scoop Glitter Pigment (this adds a slight shimmer effect to colors)
  • 5 scoops Blush, Eye Shadow, or other cosmetic powder : 3 scoops Glitter Pigment (this mixture creates a very shimmery shade with intense sparkle)

Be creative while making new colors using these fun and simple hand crafting techniques! And don’t forget, always keep a note system with your recipes handy for replicating your colors in the future!


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