Monave Spring Equinox Sale!

Spring Equinox Sale is in full bloom! A free lip gloss, vegan lip glaze, or vegan lipstick, all gluten-free! Made by a small team of handcrafters, using healthy, organic ingredients. Get the details and your discount coupon here: This fresh new color from Monave is named after the vibrant blue-red of Pinot Grigio wine....

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Monave Has Moved!

We have moved our facilities after five years at our Wolfe  St location. We have a much larger, more comfortable space, ample parking, both for employees and customers, and a peaceful environment, away from the bustle of Fells Point tourism. We have noticed a lovely energy about the place, and are eagerly awaiting our first...

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Monave at local Baltimore Vegfest

Monave will have a booth at Baltimore's premier vegan festival on UMBC' campus. Vegfest is an event that attracts animal rights activists, vegetarian, and vegans. We will be providing educational literature about vegan makeup and animal rights issues, as well as our cruelty free cosmetics for sale. For more information, please visit:

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Monave is welcomed by PETA

After a decade of handcrafting 100% cruelty-free and vegan mineral makeup, Monave has been welcomed by PETA. The application included questions about ingredients such as beeswax, which is Monave's only animal-sourced ingredient. We detailed our source, which uses ethically harvested beeswax by farmer's who truly care about and for their bees. We also explained that...

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New Organic Lip Glosses at Monave

Monave has introduced and re introduced some favorites from our makeup studio onto our online store. They range from shimmery rose-golds to rich burgundies for all complexions. Monave's award winning gloss is made with organic coconut oil, organic essential oil of sweet orange, and soy. It includes ethically farmed beeswax and is a moisturizing blend...

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Monave converts to Eco Gift Bags

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Green Gift Wrapping"][/caption]Monave is dedicated to sourcing ecologically sound materials, and supplies. This year, gift bags are no longer of the organza style, made from synthetic materials overseas. Through Nashville Wraps dedicated commitment to offering eco-alternatives, Monave now features bags made of recylced paper goods, as well as biodegrable 'plastic' sleeves....

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