Monave has introduced and re introduced some favorites from our makeup studio onto our online store. They range from shimmery rose-golds to rich burgundies for all complexions.

Monave’s award winning gloss is made with organic coconut oil, organic essential oil of sweet orange, and soy. It includes ethically farmed beeswax and is a moisturizing blend of plant oils and waxes that nourish the lips. The vast array of colors, includes everything except neons, bright reds, corals and bright pinks which can only be achieved with dyes.

Monave organic lip glosses
Monave glosses are made from hydrating botanicals and pure mineral color

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New Lip Shades Broken Down for Ya!

221 Kasha: a warm pink-bronze
177 Omg: the perfect light pink-brown, a classic
70 Pink Salmon: a stunning gold flecked peach
12 Light Plum: perfect for olive and medium skin tones
13 Dark Plum: luscious berry tones for med-dark complexions
150 Chocolote Rose: rich red-brown for deep, come hither lips
153 Peach Pout: beyond adorable, a sweet, innocent shade
31 Gold: a classic bright gold to match your accessories!
43 Soft Brown: silvery-milk coco with flecks of gold
82 Pink Pearl: the sweetest highlight of pearlescent pink
94 Petal Pink: Cool highlights over a deep rose finish
95 Buff Rose: a deeper rose on the cool side
99 Mocha: rich, deep silvery-chocolate


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