New Organic Soy-Free Cream & Lipstick Formulations

The soy debate has been making its way into our dialogs with our customers for the last few years. While it’s a controversial subject, with evidence pointing in a few different directions, we have finally decided to remove soy from our formulas. The main issue is that most soy is GMO. Hormone disruption aside, even organically grown soy is probably GMO because genetic is so prevalent in the U.S.

Organic, soy-free, cream mineral makeup foundation.
Organic, soy-free, cream mineral makeup foundation.

In addition to removing soy, we have improved upon our lipstick base by adding more moisture and a beautiful glossy sheen. Our prior lipstick formula was a little on the dry side, so we think you will love the richness and slip of the new formula which contains loads of nourishing organic oils.

Our intensive emollient/cream foundation base has the same rich, moisturizing feel with any hydrogenated soy. Heaps of organic avocado and a touch of organic shea butter work to keep your skin soft, and touchable. A state of the art green preservative ensures freshness.

For more information, and ingredients, please visit our Lipstick and Cream Pages.


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