Natural St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks

St. Patrick’s Day is all about green beauty! Check out the Bold and natural St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks below to learn great ways of utilizing greens on the eyes and cheeks for this Festive holiday.

Bold & Beautiful St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Look:

For this bold and beautiful green makeup look, resident makeup artist Dani, brings bright hues of clover green to life on Tabby’s lids. This look is great if you will not be adding any festive face paint to your look becuase the eyes are played up to take center stage, for a beautiful dramatic effect.

Step 1 Face: Apply Teporah Vegan Mousse Foundation all over the face.

Step 2 Brows: Using an angled liner brush, wet apply #112 Tierra Dark Ultra-Matte Shadow to the brows.

Step 3 Contour/Highlight: Apply Pecan Contour Crayon to forehead near hair line, sides of the nose and cheeks. Use Caroline Concealer Crayon to add highlights to the face by applying it along the length of the nose, between the brows, and under the eyes. Buff this out thoroughly with a flat top foundation brush for a natural finish.

Step 4 Cheeks: Apply Interference White/Green mica pigment to the tops of the cheeks as an Illuminizer. Below this, apply Creme Stix #70 Gold Salmon to the cheeks as a rouge.

Step 4 Eyes: With a firm shadow brush, apply the mica pigment Interference White/Green to the inner corner of the eyes. To the middle of the lid, apply Lime #63 Versatile Shadow, fading the inner edges into the Interference White/Green. To the outer corners of the eyes and crease apply Tourmaline Versatile Shadow. Top the entire lid with a light dusting of Peridot Versatile Shadow for an extra pop of green on the lids.

Step 5 Lips: Apply #70 Gold Salmon Creme Stix to the lips and top it with Jade Rainbow Lip Lite for a lightened effect.

Green Beauty Natural St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Look:

Step 1 Face: Apply a mix of Caroline Concealer Loose Mineral Foundation and Paula Loose Mineral Foundation. Apply Light Neutral Olive
Economy Mineral Foundation
to the face as a setting powder.

Step 2 Contour: Hazelnut Contour Crayon applied to forehead, cheeks, and nose.

Step 3 Cheeks: Gold Salmon #70 Blush applied to the cheeks. Glimmer #404 Face Illuminizer applied to the tops of cheek bones, forehead, and under the brows.

Step 4 Eyes: Shamrock #46 Versatile Powder applied all over lids. Lime #63 Versatile powder applied to middle of lids and buffed out. Peridot Versatile Powder wet applied on top of the Lime. Teal Dark #103 Ultra-Matte Shadow applied to outer corner of eyes and crease. Semi-Matte White #61m Versatile Powder applied under brows and inner corners of eyes. Deep Sea Liner applied to lids, with Toumaline Versatile Powder applied on top.

Step 5 Lips: Magenta Moves #176 Creme Stix with Jade Rainbow Lip Lite applied on top.

Step 6 Clover Face Decorations: Wet apply Peridot Versatile powder in the shape of a clover, and outline with deep sea liner. Outline entire clover with a wet application of  Fine Rose Tan mica pigment.


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