• Dianne McColl

    Monave – you are my hero! I love your founding philosophy of safe and effective products. Because I don’t live in the US, I have only bought your lipsticks so far but they are divine. The colour range is huge, and the lipsticks make my lips so soft and moisturised. They have transformed my lips from dry and cracked, to normal. I am soooooooooooooooo grateful!! I am also coeliac and vegetarian so to be able to use your lipsticks with confidence, is such a gift! D:)

  • Sandra

    Just Gotta Love Monave!
    I have been ordering Monave products for about 10 years now!? Wow how time flies!
    Great products and great service, what more could a girl want?!
    Thank you Katie as well for answering all my frequent questions! 😉


  • Jodi Fitzpatrick

    I am from Wisconsin…I have been using Monave for about 3 years. I love the makeup…the philosophy and the opportunity. I am hoping to spread the word in my area. Someday hope to visit.
    thank you to the Monave crew for doing what you do

  • france

    Hi I am missing how to enter the contest, any thoughts? I also live in wisconsi, just found this website. I have wanted to try mineral makeup for a long time I have oily skin.

  • kareen

    Hi, i am new but cant wait to try your products i have browsed through the website and absolutely love all the things im seeing 🙂

  • GloriaM

    I have finally found makeup that I can wear without a reaction. Mineral Makeup by Monave is so gentle. I love these products.

  • Bev Nocon

    I just love all of your products that I have tried so far. The mineral foundation is the best I have tried, it covers well and lasts for a long time. I wil stay with Monave.

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