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Our New Spring Shades have launched! Who says gluten-free, vegan, organic makeup can't have beautiful eye-popping shades?!

We're super excited about our new soy-free formulas for lipstick, intensive emollient, and cream foundations. We hope you love the new glossier, silkier lipstick formula, and organic, intensive cream for dry skin as much as we do.


Foundation Adjusters

Foundation Adjusters

Can't find the perfect match in a Monave foundation? Or any foundation for that matter? Tired of getting a not-so-perfect blend by mixing two foundations together? We feel your pain, so our makeup artists have created five popular powders that can be shaken right in with your mineral foundation to adjust the color to your perfect match.

Luster Adjusters are especially formulated to be combined with our original loose mineral foundation. Please note, these are not color correctors to be applied under our makeup. The coverage of Monave Makeup is heavy enough that a separate color corrector is not needed, or recommended. Each time you order, you'll receive an empty cosmetic jar which you can use to blend your foundation and adjuster together. Please stay tuned for Luster Adjusters in the Medium-Dark range.

Ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, serecite, iron oxides,mica, ultramarine blue.

Price: $10.00
Weight: 5 grams
Dark Foundation Adjuster
Product ID : lmfa085
Blue/Olive Luster Adjuster
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Product ID : lmfa_079
Product is out of stock
Pink Luster Adjuster
Product ID : lmfa_076
Yellow Luster Adjuster
Product ID : lmfa_082
Ivory Foundation Adjuster
Product ID : lmfa_078