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Spring is finally making its way to the East Coast and parts North. Stay tuned for our Spring Shades including our version of the Pantone color of the year..

We're super excited about our new soy-free formulas for lipstick, intensive emollient, and cream foundations. We hope you love the new glossier, silkier lipstick formula, and organic, intensive cream for dry skin as much as we do.


Semi-Matte Blushes

Semi-Matte Blushes

Monave semi-matte blushes are sheer and delicate with very little pearlescence. They are not as heavy as a traditional matte blush and are perfect for both young and mature skin types. Their transparent nature makes them easy to apply and natural to the eye.

Ingredients: Mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, may contain ultramarine blue, ferric ferrocyanide.

Blush Amethyst #220
Product ID : semimttblsh220
Blush Merlot #219
Product ID : semimttblsh219
Blush Seashell #207
Product ID : semimttblsh207
Blush Silk Garnet #218
Product ID : semimttblsh218
Blush Buff Apricot #200
Product ID : semimttblsh200
Blush Star Lilly #215
Product ID : semimttblsh215
Blush Flush #213
Product ID : semimtteblsh213
Blush Lilac Mist #211
Product ID : semimttblsh211