category463I have recently been asked about a pinker face powder for women who suffer from cancer and undergo chemo therapy, so I have decided to share some blending tips on how to make it yourself!  If you have a patient or customer who suffers from an illness, a pink under-toned powder is the best way to bring a fresh touch of color back to their complexion.

Step 1. Begin with a pink foundation shade as your base in a mixing container:

Ashlie Loose Mineral Foundation for the Fairest of complexions

Amy Loose Mineral Foundation for Light-medium complexions

Step 2. Select a second powder in the pink range to adjust the foundation:

Pink Foundation Luster Adjuster

Light Cool Economy Blush

Petal Setting powder

All of the Economy Blushes can be used as well, with out adding any shimmer to the foundation.

Step 3. Slowly mix about 15% of the secondary powder into your foundation. So, If you are beginning with 10 grams of foundation, you will want to add roughly 1.5 grams of your adjuster to start.

Step 4. Test out what you have just created! If your color still isn’t  pink enough, keep adding more of your adjuster in small increments until perfected. If your end result is too pink, you can always add more foundation back into your mix.

For women who want a lighter, silky coverage, Petal Setting Powder can simply be used by its self all over the face.

*Do not forget to record all of your steps!

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