After the number of years I’ve been in this business, I am still amazed by how much I learn from the brilliant women that are featured as speakers at our twice-yearly Mineral Makeup Crafting seminar.  This year, Kimberly Platko was the main speaker, besides myself, and Julie Edwards stepped in for a mini-workshop. In previous years, she’s conducted two-hour workshops that seemed short!

I have very deep respect for the vast knowledge and experience these women have to offer. Kimberly has the most amazing tricks for making hand-made products look professional. During one of her workshops, she showed us how to make a pressed shadow look like a million dollars, the first step being to roll the product into a little ball, using gloves of course, and then using a calibration weight, and tiny piece of cloth, to create a perfectly formed eye shadow. What a creative technique. And how wonderful that she’s willing to share these tricks with ‘newbies’ and the rest of us as well.

If anyone missed this seminar, we are going to stream it again in a few weeks, on West Coast time, so please check back for news on the site.


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