Bulk Uncolored Lip Bases

Monave bulk uncolored lip bases are designed to offer maximum
profit combined with natural formulations to handcrafters and vendors of natural products.
Using simple heating methods, any of our bases can be
colored with either frost (mica), matte, or vegetable colorants, and then poured into the lip
gloss packaging of your choice.

Our firmest base, lip gloss base, is designed for use in pots,
such as the five-gram stackable jars. The liquid gloss and vegan lip glaze bases are softer,
and can be injected into our platinum lip gloss tubes, with the use of a needless syringe.

Our luxurious lipstick base is carefully formulated to work with
your molds to create perfectly formed lipsticks, and can be heated at high enough
temperatures to remain melted when pouring. For more information about how to use these
bases, please click on ‘directions’.

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