Simple Custom Blending — Part Three: How to make a Personal Setting Powder for Every Skintone

Setting Powders are a popular mineral makeup product that is silky in texture and lightly tinted to match your customers skin tone. Applied after foundation, the powders will aid in oil absorption, as well as add a smooth, matte, finished touch to your look. These powders can also be used as face powders for women who need very light coverage, in place of a foundation.

If you can not find pre-made setting powders in our line to accommodate your customer demographics, blending your own is simple and will provide you with an easy to make custom product to offer your client.

Crafting a Custom Mineral Setting Powder:

This simple setting powder will consist of two ingredients: Serecite (a translucent and colorless mica powder), and the Loose Mineral Foundation shade that matches your customer’s complexion.

Serecite will be the base of your creation and you will slowly add in small increments of the loose mineral foundation to color/tint the product to your customer’s undertone. With a small scoop, start by measuring out 4 parts Serecite and 1 part of your customer’s foundation shade into a mixing bowl or container. If you do not have a battery operated mini grinder (or coffee grinder) to quickly blend the components together, you can choose to hand blendGrinder_metal_Make_up_open instead. Hand blending will take a little bit longer, but is successful in getting the job done. Using a small spatula for hand blending works well, or if your mixing container has a tight sealing lid, you can simply shake the mixture together until thoroughly blended. If you plan on customizing mineral foundations and other products as well, you may want to invest in a handheld battery operated grinder, as shown in the picture to the right.

Once you have these components mixed, you can tweak the product as your customer desires. If you want a deeper tint with heavier coverage, add more parts of foundation to your blend. If you prefer a lighter, silky blend with just a touch of color, stick to the 4:1 ratio described above.

For customers with naturally heavy oil production through out the day who need extra absorption, add in a half scoop of silica powder to your formula. Silica has strong oil control properties and should be used modestly when formulating. Silica can also be used on its own as a mineral setting powder when worn over a standard loose mineral or loose mineral concealer foundation. Silica is also very useful when doing professional photo shoots because it will take away the shine that you typically see when wearing mineral foundation during flash photography.

Don’t forget to keep track of your formulas as you go.

Happy crafting!

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