Pigments for Hand Crafting Mineral Lipstick & Gloss – A Few Quick Tips on Getting Started

Monave organic lip glosses

Even if you are a beginner at hand crafting lip products, it isn’t too difficult to learn how to do when using pre-made aspects to create your final product.

To simplify your over all process, you will want to begin by choosing a pre-made uncolored lip base. This is the main body of your product, you just haven’t added the color to it yet!

The second step is choosing which bulk minerals and mica pigments you would like to use as a lip color. Our versatile mineral powders are easy to use for this because, unlike the raw mineral pigments, this product has already been pre-blended and as a result offers a much wider range of color to choose from.

Some types of pigments are not safe for use on the lips, though, so how do you know which colors in the Monave versatile powders line are OK to use in gloss and lipsticks?

By FDA regulation, colors containing blue pigments, such as ultramarine blue, are not allowed in lip products, so I would stay away from the blue and green versatile powders if you are selling your products in the US. The European regulations, however, do not have arbitrary rules against blue pigments in lip products, so if you plan on selling in Europe, you can distibute all of the cool-blue hews that your heart desires!

Colors that contain ferric ferrocyanide are also unsafe for use in lip products. The versatile mineral powders that contain this ingredient and should not be used in making lip products are as follows:

#21, 22, 23, 63, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 3

After deciding on the powders to use for your creations comes the fun part: putting your finished product together. Whether you are making a gloss or lipstick, preparing your final mixture to be packaged into tubes is  pretty much the same. Melt your uncolored lip base  and carefully stir in your pigment to add a gorgeous depth of color. For those who want to get small amounts of materials to begin learning how to hand craft your own mineral lip gloss, we offer helpful kits to get you started.

Please feel free to contact us if you still aren’t sure if the pigments you have chosen from our site are lip safe.



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