Simple Custom Blending — Part Four: Fun, Easy Ways to Customize Loose Mineral Eye Shadow

SpringGroupAll2White resizedIf you are looking to create customized, all natural and chemical free mineral eye shadows, beginning with our pre-blended versatile mineral powders can be the easiest and simplest way to start.

Monave loose mineral powders are unique and versatile products that can be blended together to create even more variations of color for the eyes or cheeks. The special effects pigments used to create these gorgeous mineral powder shadows range from full sparkle  in texture to semi-matte. Apply them to the eyes softly for a natural, illuminating look, or if you heart desires to be bold and blinged out, apply the powders with a moistened eye shadow brush. These gorgeous bismuth-free loose powders are completely vegan and can be used as mineral eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and nail polish!

How to Make Sea Glass Green Eye Shadow:

Starting with two pre-made versatile shadows, #65 Turquoise and #34 HoneySuckle, measure out equal parts of each into a mixing container using a small scoop. With a small spatula or similar utensil, hand mix the two shades together until they are thoroughly incorporated. You should end up with a beautiful green shade that resembles something like this:

Sea Glass Green (300x156)
Turquoise Verastile Powder + Honey Suckle Versatile Powder = Sea Glass Green

Get creative with your mineral versatile powders and start mixing them together to see what colors you can get on your own!

Blending Versatile Powders with Serecite to Create a Semi-Matte Shadow:

In addition to mixing the mineral powders amongst themselves, adding unblended mica powders to your versatile shades is another simple way to customize the texture or color of your product. Our brighter and more pearlescent versatile shadows, such as #31 Gold Brick and #86 Bordeaux can be toned down to a silky semi-matte shade by adding some Serecite into your mix. Serecite is white powder that is light, soft and silky in texture and applies to the skin translucent.

When blending serecite with a pearlescent mineral powder, it is best to begin with a ratio of 1 part serecite to 3 parts of your mineral powder and adjust from there. Use a small scoop as your measuring unit when making tester batches. Depending on how many parts of serecite you add to your versatile shadow for your final product, the color will lighten accordingly and become more matte. Adding serecite to your deeper versatile shadows will allow lighter skin toned women to appreciate your newly customized colors that they may not have been able to wear previously (perhaps because the color was too dark).

Used in many of our mineral makeup products, our high quality serecite can also be utilized on its own as a setting powder after your foundation, or as blotting powder through out the day for oily skin types.

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