Simple Custom Blending — Part Two: How to Customize a Mineral Foundation
Custom Blending with Monave Loose Mineral Foundation
Custom Blending with Monave Loose Mineral Foundation

Customizing  mineral foundation to your client’s skin tone can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So, we have come up with some easy steps to follow when making a custom formulation. You will start by using pre-made bulk mineral makeup that can be easily hand blended together. It is important to note that when you utilize our full line of loose mineral foundation shades, you should find a match to your customer’s skin tone about 90% of the time without much custom blending necessary.

Step One is identifying your customer’s undertone so that you can begin accurately adjusting a shade to their complexion. Defining the undertone of your client will help you to determine the loose mineral foundation shade you will be using as your base. The standard undertones that are easy to go by are

  • Pink or Red
  • Yellow
  • Neutral
  • Olive

Step Two– Once you have determined the foundation that best matches your customer’s complexion, you can use another scoopssimilar loose mineral foundation shade or a Foundation Luster-Adjuster to tweak  the color until it is 100% accurate to your customer’s natural skin color. The luster-adjusters are a product that can be added to your foundations to make them more pink, yellow, blue/olive, or to lighten /darken them, without changing the texture or coverage of the finished product. To neutralize a foundation shade, try using our new product Toni/Beverly Adjuster for darker complexions or Ultra-matte #110 Tierra Light for light to medium complexions.

Step Three– You will want to start by blending a 3:1 ratio of your Foundation Base (3 parts) and adjusting color (1 part) in a separate container. Using a small scoop or a teaspoon, measure out 3 scoops of your foundation base and 1 scoop of your adjusting color. Hand blend this together until uniformed and apply the test batch to a section of your customer’s face. You can always add more of your adjusting shade to the mixture if needed. Continue to blend and adjust your shade until it is a solid match for your customer. Always be sure to keep track of your formula as you work!

Applying a Custom Blend of Charlene Foundation & Dark Adjuster
Applying a Custom Blend of Charlene Foundation & Dark Adjuster


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