Deborah in the Monave Makeup studio

Deborah in the Monave Makeup studio

I’ve been thinking about an email I received from a man who had recently lost his wife to terminal illness. I wondered if someone had taken the time to talk to her about the dangers of toxins in cosmetics, the atmosphere, food, and home care products, if it would have helped. Perhaps an article would have begun a process of education and lifestyle change? Sometimes, we can try all we want, and the information is not well-received. But it’s always, always worth a try if it saves someone’s life. And it’s always worthwhile when someone has more confidence because their skin looks clearer, and healthier.

So, to help spread the word, we’re going to help our loyal users introduce our makeup to a sister, mother, or friend, with a special program for this Holiday season, called, “Give the Gift of Healthy Beauty”. With some special treats (our way of making it fun), we hope that more women can become ambassodors of our product line. We still stand by our main tenents:

  • Simple, short formulas with ingredients that are simple and easy to understand
  • Ingredients that are both non-irritating (short term) and non-toxic (long term)
  • Shades for all women. No ethnic group should be excluded from  Healthy Beauty
  • Women’s entrepreneurship. We all have dreams; tiny seeds in the beginning. Women are natural entrepreneurs, who just need some nurturing and mentoring to realize their ambitions
  • Products that are easy to apply, stay put, bring out a woman’s natural beauty

We hope that as our customers share (many already do), our products with loved ones, office mates and teens, that they will also communicate these ideals. It’s not just about a product, but about the values that we express through the choices that we make.

So, for the Holiday Season, until the end of 2009, we are offering 20% off of any full-sized orders, PLUS a free sample of any full sized product purchased to share with a friend. For example, if Jenna shops online for her foundation (19.50), blush (12.00), and lip glaze (13.50), she’ll be able to subtract $ 9.00 off of her total. Then in the comments box of her order, she can list a foundation sample, blush sample, and mini-lip glaze for her best friend Emilia to try. She will pick the colors or let her friend in on it, and they can go online and pick her shades together. Then we’ll place Emilia’s gifties in a baggie, pop it in Jenna’s packaged, and send it all off.

If Emilia loves the products, and wants to order some for herself, her first full-sized order can also recieve the discount!

Please let others know about this special campaign via email, Facebook, however you stay in touch with the world. And if you’d like some materials to educate your friends, there are articles on allnaturalbeauty.com about lots of things, but especially about Healthy Beauty. We have articles online as well at www.monave.com/index.php?p=page&page_id=articles

Enjoy and share the Gift of Healthy Beauty this holiday season


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