I’m a celiac. It runs in my familiy. My mom was diagnosed very late after a difficult several years with severe weight loss, rashes, and ultimateldy, some neurological disorders. I was one of the lucky ones. It was first loosely diagnosed as a wheat allergy, so many of my symptoms were resolved before they could have worsened. I went from being extremely ill to being vibrantly healthy in a matter of weeks.

So now, I stick to  a gluten-free diet. I’ve noticed lately though, that I’m experiencing some weight gain, and I’m wondering if my convenience food from Whole Foods is the culprit. They now have a wonderful selection of gluten-free box food, but since I started buying them to eat for lunch, I’ve gained almost five pounds. It’s been about two months. I was already tending toward high-fat, fast burning foods such as Mexican (I’m vegetarian, but not vegan, so the cheese may be part of the problem), and Asian (white rice!).

Being vegetarian, AND gluten-free can be  a real challenge when it comes to just getting enough food in my body to keep me going throughout the day. I may have to stop eating the delicious gluten-free frozen meals for a while (Gluten-free, vegetarian lasagna is such a treat!!!!), and focus on getting some whole grains and more veggies back into my diet.

It’s almost beach season, so I don’t have too much time…I think I’ll walk to work today!




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