How to Fill Loose Mineral Makeup Jars


Private Label bulk mineral makeup is an easy and affordable way to start your own custom cosmetics line, but once you have your loose mineral products, jars and ingredient labels in stock, how do you package up your makeup so that it is ready to sell?

The first rule of thumb when it comes to filling your loose mineral makeup jars is that you will be filling them by volume, not weight. This means that you don’t need any special scales or equipment to get the job done. All you need is your own two hands and a scoop of the appropriate size!

Another important thing to remember before filling your jars is that your jar manufacturing company may refer to the jar sizes based on what they hold in liquid volume, as opposed to what they hold in dry powder weight. So, you can not go by the name of the jar to determine how much loose mineral makeup it will hold. For example, if you are using a “30 gram jar” to package your foundations, these jars actually hold about 9-10 grams of powder when filled, not 30 grams like the jar name specifies.

Common Jar Sizes to Use for Mineral Makeup:

30 gram jar : This jar is often used to hold loose mineral foundation. The 30 gram jar will hold approximately 9-10 grams of loose powder.

20 gram jar : These make a great size for general face powders, setting powders, body shimmers, etc. When filled, the 20 gram jar holds approximately 5 grams of loose powder.

10 gram jar : Commonly used to hold cheek products, like blush and bronzer, this jar is also good for making trial sized foundations. When filled, the 10 gram jar holds approximately 3 grams of loose powder.

5 gram jar : Perfect for mineral eye shadows, this small jar is typically available in a stack-able and non stack-able form. When filled, the 5 gram jar holds approximately 1 gram of loose powder.

***If you need help finding suppliers for jars and other mineral makeup tools, be sure to check out our Packaging Supplies & Resources Page for trusted manufacturers. 

Filling Your Makeup Jars:filling 10 g #2

For packaging foundations and setting powders, using a scoop around the size of a tablespoon (holds 2-3 grams) is best if you will be filling a larger jar.  But for eye shadow and blush which will be packaged into smaller jar sizes, a scoop around the size of a 1/4 teaspoon (holds about 1 gram) is recommended.

Starting on a flat, clean work surface, begin filling your empty jar base using the appropriate sized scoop. Once the jar is filled to the “thread line” (reference the picture diagram below), tap the jar lightly onto the table top a few times to settle the powder in the jar. If the powder settles and the jar is no longer filled to the “thread line”, simply add some more powder to your jar and tap it down again. Repeat this process until your jar is filled. Be sure to wipe away any excess powder from your jar rims with a tissue before proceeding to the next step.

10 g jar edited

Next, you will carefully insert your sifter into the jar by pressing it gently into place with your finger tips. If powder shoots out from the sides of the sifter as you are pushing it down into the jar, this is an indication that you have over filled your jar. You will need to wipe away any excess powder and be sure to fill the next jar a little lower. Once again, using a clean, dry tissue, wipe away any powder that is left on the outside of the jar. A clean makeup brush also works well to dust away excess powder. Finally, screw on your top and add your ingredients and logo labels to the filled jars.

You are now ready to stock your finished mineral makeup products!

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