Is Mineral Makeup Really Good for your Skin?

I recently answered an email from one of the members of the All Natural Beauty portal. This is a wonderful storehouse of information and resources for natural consumers, and I am thrilled to be the Makeup Expert!

Monave founder Teporah Bilezikian
Teporah discusses mineral make up ingredients

“Is mineral makeup really good for your skin? It seems like ingredients like zinc, titanium dioxide, iron oxides might be harmful if absorbed into the skin or inhaled. What is your take on this?”



The short answer is ‘Yes, mineral makeup is healthy.’ It is non-allergenic, and some minerals even have healing properties (like zinc oxide for example).

The long answer is that these ingredients are also used in industrial applications, such as paint and furniture production, and can cause problems, such as respiratory, if not handled properly. This is due to the large quantity of particulates in the air in a factory, or a mine.Because of this, there is information online about these ingredients being toxic, but it doesn’t apply to cosmetic use and applications.

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