Making Tinted Lotions Using Natural Mineral Pigments

Using a tinted lotion or cream during the summer can be just what you need to add that extra “umph” to your skin! Whether you are making this product at home for personal use or to resell to your customers, it is easy and fun to do. Once you have chosen a moisturizer or lotion to start with, the next step is to pick your pigment! If your creams are scented, be sure that the color you choose matches your fragrance so that the product is harmonious to the senses.

To create a soft pearlescent lotion the Interference pigment family is the best to choose from. These are special effects pigments that look white in powder form but when mixed with a wet base, they become translucent and reveal a gorgeous, iridescent pop of color in the light.

Interference Pigments Broken Down!

For the ladies that want more sparkle, a shimmer lotion is what you should make. For this tint, you want to choose a larger grained glitter that will really shine!

Shimmer Pigments Broken Down!

  • Rose Gold Sparkle – a bright, classic gold for bringing out those summery sun tones
  • White Diamond – this light silvery sparkle will add a cool icy finish
  • Glitter Copper – beautiful on medium and deep complexions, it plays up the warm tones in their skin

To ensure that your product stays fresh, I would recommend keeping small batches made up, or mixing to order. All of our high quality pigments can be purchased in bulk wholesale and small hand crafting quantities so that anyone can make a natural tinted lotion.

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