Titanium Free Mineral Makeup – The Monave Economy Line

Economy Mineral Makeup by the Gram

Lately, I have been frequently asked, “Does Monave offer a titanium free foundation?”

To answer this question, YES we do!

It is called our Economy Mineral Makeup line and within it we offer a range of titanium free foundations and blushes. This line is crafted from high quality ingredients, the same as the rest of our products, but the cost is about 40% lower. We have formulated this line with price in mind and have refrained from using some of our more expensive ingredients in order to lower the cost, without compromising on quality. With the current economy, every penny counts, especially for international customers who will be importing their products into other countries. This cost reduction of about 40% helps to take care of all of the customs and over seas taxes, so that businesses around the world can offer an affordable and high quality mineral makeup to their consumers.

Unlike our Loose Mineral and Loose Mineral Concealer foundations, which have a medium to heavy coverage, our Economy line foundation is weightless and silky, making it perfect for women who want to lightly even out their complexion. This foundation is a traditional approach to makeup. It works well for women with minimal acne and is great for controlling the oil on your face throughout the day. For use on women with more problematic skin, I would suggest accompanying this foundation with a separate concealer. It is also excellent to use for professional photography, where a flash is being used. By adding silica to the formula and leaving out titanium dioxide, this foundation has a matte finish that minimizes shine behind the camera lens while  hiding imperfections. The silica that we use is very high quality and is a spherical shape, which enhances the texture and coverage of the powder. Different from other types of silica, this spherical kind actually helps to trick the eye into believing that imperfections or bumps on the face appear to be more flat than they are.

Made with similar ingredients, the Economy Blushes add a whole new range of  matte shades for our customers to enjoy.  Beautiful neutrals, cools, and warm hews help to fill out our blush collection.  They all have a matte finish with no shimmer or shine and are a great addition to any makeup line.

Because of their light coverage, the Economy Foundations and Blushes are all very easy to use. There is no application instruction necessary, which makes it an easy transition for women switching from Bare Essentials. For businesses that already carry a foundation in their line with a good amount of coverage, the Economy Foundation would be a great, light alternative that can be sold as a simple face powder. The Economy line is available by the gram to retail customers and business owners alike, and is packaged in a plastic poly bag. Whether you are trying this product for personal use, or to resell, it is a safe and economical way to have the 100% natural mineral makeup that you love, without the larger price tag!

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