I am so excited!!! This year Monave was approached by Sharan Nixon, the organizer of Baltimore Fashion Week, to be the official makeup line for the shows! This is a momentous occasion for us as this exposure will showcase our product line as a being home grown. Monave will be used by 21 makeup artists from around the Northeast Coast. They’ll be using the entire line along with a  mineral glow moisturizer which we made especially for the show!

Baltimore Fashion Week runs from Monday, August 10 to Friday, August 14th15th at the War Memorial Building and Plaza, 101 North Gay Street, Baltimore MD. The theme of the show is ‘Once Upon a Fashionable Dream: A Fashionista’s Fairytale’. There will designers from as far away as Africa and Paris to New York and of course Baltimore. Each night has different themes from eco-conscious on opening night to couture on closing night! It’s going to be a great show this year and Monave will be there!

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