A flurry of women in all stages of the mineral makeup business descended on our warehouse on September 27th at 9am to participate in our final mineral makeup  seminar of the year. The participants, one of whom came from as far away as British Colombia Canada, got to hear great information from a long time formulator on how to expand their mineral skin care line by using lip bases to create new products for continuing and future success. Another contributor, David Craig the owner of an emerging label company Arcana Graphics, gave invaluable insider tips on how to choose and use the correct labels to sell and market their products successfully. He also gave tips on what you need to know when having dialogue with your label company, it was an eye opener!

The highlight of this makeup seminar was the discussion on Intellectual Property and the ramifications of choosing a name that is being used by another company! Now that got the class hopping as several horror stories were exchanged! Deb Bilezikian, company owner, gave a class on using existing products in your line and combining or adding different pigments to create a whole new product. Imagine taking a mineral  foundation adding a versatile powder and making a mineral eye shadow or combining two versatile powders and making a mineral blush. The possibilities can be endless! This makeup class was a seminar favorite too! The ladies were really impressed by this method of thinking outside the box!

There will be a video on the blending for new mineral skin care available for download on the website soon. A video from the previous makeup seminar on June 18th which features Julie Edwards, whose class on making mineral makeup for women of color was wildly popular, will also be available in the near future! See you next year for more great makeup seminars. Let us know what you’d like to learn!

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