There are some new gems being mined at Monave Mineral Cosmetics this Spring! Our new Crystal Collection have a total of four new mineral eye shadows and two mineral lip colors. The mineral eye shadows are, Tourmaline, a rich verdant green, Peridot, a delicate  apple green color with a shimmer of gold, Carnelian, a fiery orange and Smoky Opal, a pearlescent smoky pink! These new mineral colors are awesome with a shade for everyone no matter what skin tone you are!  The mineral lip colors are Crimson Agate, a lush cranberry and Rose Quartz, an opalescent pink.

We incorporated these new mineral shades into our Spring/Summer Collection. We have a Pastel palette which has a couple surprises. Babe Pink, normally a mineral lip color, Lilac Mist, normally a mineral blush became  semi matte  mineral eye shadows along with the new Peridot! The lip color, Rose Quartz rounds out the collection.  Our Vibrant palette is the Tourmaline, Carnelian and an old favorite Dragonfly,  a shimmery purple haze with Crimson Agate complementing the gem like versatile powders. So step into fashion with these new additions to Monave’s kaleidoscope of mineral colors!

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