Alluring New Lip Colors for Fall!

I am incredibly excited about our new Monave lip colors this fall, so naturally, I need to fill everyone in on the scoop! I would like to start off by saying, for all of you ladies out there who tend to shy away from fall lips because you are worried they may be too dark or perhaps you don’t always want to wear a deep plum/brown, do not be afraid to try these new shades! They are so easy to wear (even for the fair complected) and look great on everyone. The colors are on the warmer sultry side of the spectrum and delicately catch the light to reveal soft hues that leave you with a brightened, but natural look. They can be found in our “New Shades” retail and wholesale sections respectively.

Here is the brake down for yah!

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This gloss has become my personal favorite! It is one of those tones that you can wear everyday and never go wrong with. While it is on the warmer side in the gloss, it can be worn with cooler toned shadows (like purples and smokey greens). Hydrangea has a soft pinkish brown base with copper highlights. In the lipstick, this shade transforms into a nude and has a matte finish, perfect for women who want a natural looking lip for fall.

blog pic gold glaze

You may have noticed this color previously in the Liquid Gloss, or Lipstick for sale in our line, but in the Glaze it is completely revamped. Gold Brick Glaze is bright and reflective (just as any gold should be!), but not at all over bearing. It has a subtle shine of color that leaves your lips looking honey dipped and luscious.


blog pic copperCopper is a truly a magnificent color that can be worn by light-medium to dark skin tones. It has a deep butterscotch base with light coppery sparkles that play off of the warm tones in your hair and skin. It can be paired with #53 Cocoa Versatile Shadow on darker skin tones to create a warm Autumn look, or with #38 Aztec Clay Versatile Shadow for lighter skin tones. In the lipstick, this color becomes more sheer and is great for partnering with a lip glaze. This shade is sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

blog pic cinnamonThis sexy cinnamon shade could be all that you need to complete your collection. Unlike anything else we have available, this color combines rich hews of brown, red, copper and bronze. Similar to the Hydrangea, it has a subtle pearlescence that is a semi-matte in the gloss, and matte in the lipstick.


Pink Quartz #174 Lip Glaze
Pink Quartz #174 Lip Glaze

Last but not least for our new lip colors is Pink Quartz Lip Glaze. In the light, this pale pink reveals everything. A beautiful pop of red pearlescence shows this shade for what it really is. This soft sheer color can be worn by the fairest of skin tones as well as the darkest and is great for wearing with a plum shadow on the eyes.

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