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I thought I’d chat for a minute today about our business opportunities. Some of you reading this may be typical of today’s woman; worried about job loss, perhaps already feeling the pinch of either losing a spouse’s income, or facing reduced cash flow. Many of you may be also facing the limitations of work due to having children.

Working from home can defintely have its advantages. But if you are an eco-consumer, selling traditional cosmetics as a home-based business isn’t always suitable due to the toxins that are in the ingredients. Our team of wholesale reps often gets inquries from women wondering if they can represent, or sell our makeup from a home-based business. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’

I’ve always believed in helping women achieve their dreams. Sometimes a dream may be as small as wanting extra income to put toward a vacation. It might be as large as leaving a secure job to start a family-based business. All of these are possibilities with the right tools, smarts, and determination. With this economy in mind, the Monave drop-ship program is an ideal way for someone to start a mineral cosmetics wholesale   business with neglible start-up costs. Some basic samples and a cheap train case from a department store is all you need to get started. I believe in starting with a limited color palette, and working in broader choices as funds permit. 10 lip samples, 15 foundation samples, 10 eye samples, and 5 cheek colors is plenty to start, and that would total $60.00. A few basic brushes would bring the total up to less than $100.00

Monave mineral makeup is easy to sell because it sells itself. With a drop-ship program, you only order what your customers order, so you don’t need to waste precious resourcs on stocking up in hopes of selling certain makeup products. All you need to get started is a basic knowledge of mineral makeup application, samples, brushes, and a small advertising budget. You can use local papers, Craig’s List, flyers on coffee shop bulletin boards, your church, your kids’ school…the possibilities are endless.

So I encourage you to consider mineral makeup home-based sales. The first step is to name your business. The next is to get an EIN at, and the third is to start ordering samples, and getting some practice applying to your friends and neighbors. Monave is offering classes this summer in mineral makeup application, mineral makeup sales, mineral makeup for different ethnic groups, such as latin, african-american and asian, as well as some great information about the legal aspects of starting a business.

Please let us know how we can help. No customer is too small at Monave. We’re here to help!



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