Simple Custom Blending – Part One: Making a Summertime Foundation
Light, Medium, and Dark monave mineral makeup powdered foundation
Custom Blending Monave Mineral Loose foundations

Creating a custom mineral makeup line, or a custom foundation shade for your client can be easy to do when using pre-blended bulk cosmetics. Monave loose bulk mineral makeup shades are versatile and can easily be blended together by hand to create unique variations of color.

Foundation in particular is most often the product that customers are looking to adjust or customize to their skin tone. In the summer time,  many of us get a deeper, more tan tone to our skin, depending upon how much sun we are exposed to. Here are some general tips that you can follow on how to make a foundation shade darker for the warmer, sunnier seasons.

How to darken and adjust a Foundation shade for the Summer:

First, start with your customer’s “winter” foundation shade as the base of your creation. Following the color chart below, select the darker foundation shade you will use to adjust your base. If your customer gets significantly tan with the change of the seasons, you can start with a 50:50 ratio (equal parts) for blending the two shades together. Always be sure to keep track of the amounts and different colors that you blend together during this process! To create enough to fill about one full sized foundation jar, you can use a table spoon to measure you components. A foundation jar holds about 3 1/2 table spoons, so this measurement will leave you with a little extra that you can keep on hand as your control if needed. Using a spatula, mix the two foundations together in by hand. After blending equal parts of the 2 foundation shades, try the product on your customer’s skin to see if it is a match. If it is not quite right, continue to lighten or darken your formula accordingly until the foundation matches flawlessly. Note: this blending process is fairly quick and shouldn’t take too much time. Have Fun!

Loose Mineral Foundation Blending Chart for Summertime Foundations:

Blend your “Winter” shade on the left — with–  the appropriate Darker Adjusting Shade.How to Blend a Summertime Foundation

  • Ashlie — with — Amy
  • Paula — with — Teporah
  • Claire — with — Sandra
  • Amy — with — Tan Girl
  • Caroline — with — Teporah
  • Teporah — with — Canela
  • Tan Girl — with — Andrea
  • Canela — with — Andrea
  • Andrea — with — Brandy
  • Beverly — with — Sharon
  • Brandy — with — Brenda
  • Keaira — with — Brenda
  • Charlene — with — Joi


  • Sandra

    Thank you for posting this one. It is very helpful in helping my customers who always ask what shade they should use in the summer based on what they use in winter.. I printed it out and will save it for future reference! Thanks a bunch! Sandra

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